We store far more than 25 000 articles in our wide-ranging stock of standard parts which spreads over 2 500 m2. We offer many different materials which range from free cutting steel to high strength material with consistencies from 8.8 up to 12.9 and from stainless steels and brass to synthetic material.
Surface treatment procedures such as electro-galvanizing, hot galvanizing, nickel plating, zinc coating, thick-film passivation and zinc coating are only a selection of the common coatings used on our products.
Different drive designs like external hexagon and hexagon socket heads, cross and slot recess as well as hexalobular socket heads among others make sure that our fasteners can be secured with the appropriate torque.
Screws, nuts, washers and retaining elements, dowels, rivets, blind rivets and threaded rods make up only a small selection of our stock.
If you would like to know more about our standard parts, the BÖGER sales team will be glad to help:
BÖGER - the team